Deviation...anything but normal
Hello there, you can call me Marla..... and I am the Deviant Lady.
I'm a mature woman that knows what she wants, when she wants it and how she wants it.
I have never liked "normal" things in life. From clothing to sex, things just have to be different... or I will become rather bored.
I have an obsession for several fetishes including; nylons, pantyhose, smoking, lingerie... and dominating sissy's.
This website is an outlet which allows me to share with you my deepest, darkest fantasies. Twice per week I will add new photos and/or video to keep both of us satisfied.


Uploaded: 28 July

I decided to wear a pair of awesome black fishnet pantyhose, black bra, and studded black heels. To start this set, I put on some heavy eyeliner in the bathroom mirror, letting you watch me. Next, I bedazzle you with my curvy body right down to my pussy!



Uploaded: 25 July

I knew once I opened this new pair of non-stretch, sheer black, 15 denier stockings that I wouldn't be able to resist having myself some sexy horny fun, and horny I was. My pussy got so wet that I just had to have some cum and it was so hard to decide where I wanted it. Finally I decide I want a hot cream pie. Just think, this load of cum could be yours!


14:08 mins


Uploaded: 14 July

I had been thinking about using this toy on myself ever since I first fucked a dear sub with it. Wearing a leopard print baby doll, a pair of black cheetah print pantyhose, and a pair of strappy black/leopard heels I find a spot on my new satin sheets to test drive the fist. I ripped a hole in my pantyhose and went to town. Damn, I wish I had tried this fattie fist sooner as I had myself a nice long set of multiple cums whilst pounding my pussy deep. You'll see and hear in the video just how sloppy wet I got.


13:16 mins


Uploaded: 11 July

And you thought parks were just for strolling through...Not! The day was bright and full of sunshine, just the kind of day that makes me wet, horny, and anxious to expose myself in public. Cum take a peek while I show off my nude full-fashioned stockings on a public park bench. Too bad we didn't have any passerby's to add to the excitement.


6:20 mins


Uploaded: 30 June

Hubby and I were on a jobsite and we took some time out for a break. Considering the upcoming holiday on Friday, I figured I'd make good use of an old faded out American flag. Naturally, we couldn't find a flag pole, and so, blue painter's tape will just have to do. Wearing a navy blue pair of full-fashioned stockings, black/blue glasses, red heels, denim shorts, and tank I set out to tease you, in which I end up giving a full blown suck job and a load of cum on my face. Delish!


9:29 mins


Uploaded: 27 June

During the remodeling of a neighbor's home, I invited myself over to borrow their staircase. *wink* But, I just wanted to create some beautiful art wearing a nude pair of French-cut pantyhose, skirt, top, and heels. And so, here I am enjoying teasing you while you stroke yourself off all over my photos. Mmmmm...



Uploaded: 23 June

All dolled up in my vintage ff stockings, bloomers, and bra, I am horny as hell. Standing over the wash bowl brushing my hair, I am motivated by the hardness of the brush handle. Should I? I think so. I decide to have myself an orgasm brought on by my hair brush. Who said a hair brush is only good for brushing hair?


7:10 mins


Uploaded: 16 June

I hope you're ready to join me in bed for this sexy update. I'm eager to tease you every which way with my black full-fashioned stockings and satin nightgown. I've just showered and powdered and am waiting for you!



Uploaded: 9 June

I was lucky enough to run into this wonderful vintage long-line girdle at my favorite online store and of course, I couldn't wait to get it on with a pair of my favorite rht's--white in color. Preparing to dress in the bathroom I am easily distracted and can't resist teasing you, right down to my open-crotch. The video has me exploring this open-crotch further as I stuff a few fingers deep inside until I cum all over them.


6:20 mins


Uploaded: 6 June

I've always been one to care about the environment, and so, why not explore those organic veggies? The green cucumber came to the rescue near the end and caused me to have the first squirt ever! And, wow, was it exciting. I made a mess all over the table which can be seen in the video. Also, in the video the finale includes me getting fucked near the edge of the table until my pussy gets splatted on with a big load of cum. Mmmmm...


12:04 mins